Managed Service Finance

Managed Services Finance

Managed Services Plans are designed to provide the end-user with a means to control a wide and varied range of hardware, software and services, yet still having the accountability evident in the term ‘one throat to choke'.

Consider if an end-user's fax machine won't work. Who do they call?

Is it the company that sold them the fax machine?

Is it the phone company that provides the line usage?

Is it the IT Network Integrator, who manages the network?

The simple fax can cause a lot of disruption in the digital age as the equipment, software and services are more integrated than ever before.

Managed Service Providers have a good story to tell - if they manage all of these components, one phone call to a super responsive solution will find immediate satisfaction. No buck passing, no delays in finding out - just access to someone who knows what is going on and who can help.

This is the future.

First it was digital telephony and later, digital print devices that are multi-functional (print, fax, scan) which has led to a merging of technology as they are all now connected to the network.

The print industry has always had considerable expertise when packaging a solution with financial engineering at its core. This has been evidenced by such offerings as Cost Per Copy or Managed Print Plans.  The term Facilities Management is also used to describe these arrangements.

Managed Services Plans simply reflect this evolution, in that they have the ability to cater for more than just print; if you are used to print; or more than just network; if you are used to network. It depends where you are coming from - as either an end-user - or as someone traditionally offering a print or a network based solution.

New terms that apply now include:

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) - breaking down hardware and software costs to the end-user to be represented as a monthly cost, like any other service.

Technology Stack – represents the various technology that the vendor is able to supply.

The combination is represented in a Managed Services Plan that provides clarity and visibility in relation to all hardware, software and services provided, with the ability to pay for all of it as if it were a service.

The result: one throat to choke and significant cost savings.


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